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20 October 2021
By: Bram Boerman

Complete your omni-channel with the WhatsApp integration for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Why you can’t live without

Do you sometimes feel a slight frustration when you want to contact a customer service but can only fill in a contact form? Does it sometimes irritate you when you send an email to a company, for example, and when you send it you see that a response can only be expected in 5 working days?

A Smooth customer interaction

As a customer, I want to be able to choose the channel through which I get in touch with a company’s customer service. The most important thing for me is that I want to be helped quickly and efficiently. Only a telephone and/or e-mail option is no longer sufficient these days. Fortunately, organizations can find their answer in setting up an omni-channel experience for their customers. With an omni-channel, the customer uses different channels that are well coordinated. This not only ensures a satisfied customer, after all, they have options and receive a faster response, but at the same time it also saves time for the employees. Because: when the messages are centrally managed and not managed by just one person, it is much more time efficient 🙂


Are you already using Dynamics 365 Customer Service? Adding a real-time chat through our WhatsApp integration ensures the right experience for the customer. Everyone has a preferred channel, whether that be calling, emailing or chatting. And some swear by WhatsApp. If a preferred channel is not available, it will not contribute to a positive customer experience. By properly organizing your omni-channel, you have an advantage over your competitors, more insight into your customers, higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and increased productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omni-channel for Customer Service already offers the most common channels by default, including:

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • To chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Voice (coming soon)

For the ultimate experience, we developed our own WhatsApp integration and successfully implemented it with several customers.



One of our customers came to us with this exact question. They now had a company telephone with WhatsApp that was mentioned via their website and mailing. Customers could therefore also use the app, instead of contacting them via e-mail, calling or texting. So very well done! Soon alone, an employee was made responsible for answering the WhatsApp messages that came in daily. Even though WhatsApp Web was used, it still took way too much time to manage.

The challenges they faced? Very specialized questions and questions from different countries (and therefore in different languages). These messages required a lot of sending back and forth to colleagues who speak this language. But also the contact history was never visible when a message came. All in all, a very time-consuming and inefficient process with many delays and a single channel instead of omni-channel service process.


With Dynamic People’s D365 CE WhatsApp solution, all WhatsApp messages arrive in Dynamics and upon recognition, the customer is immediately identified. Specialized questions can be directly assigned to the right colleague who is automatically notified. Questions in foreign languages can be forwarded to colleagues who speak the relevant language. Should the customer contact you again in the future, this colleague will automatically act as the first contact person if available. Otherwise, another colleague who speaks the same language will be notified.

And above all, one that should certainly not be forgotten, there is no longer one employee responsible for answering the WhatsApp messages: because all questions come in at a central place and are picked up from there by different employees who have direct insight into previous mail contact, text messages and phone calls.

I want this too!

Would you like to know more about our solution or see a demo? Then contact us! We have many experts who are happy to sit down with you while enjoying a (digital) coffee.