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Blogs 03 July 2020 Nancy Hobeck

Dynamics 365 F&O New user interface features – this is what you were waiting for!


Microsoft released some wonderful features in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (currently in “Preview” mode) which you will embrace and use on a daily basis. Let us demonstrate the highlights:

Saved views

On listpages with a few clicks applied filters can be saved as views. Then on top of the listpage you can switch easily between the several views:

Save view on listpage

Depending on your role in Finance and Operations, you can even publish the views to entire organization.

Grouping in grids

Simply click ‘Group by this column’ to enable grouping in grids. Note that the subtotals are available right away when another column is selected as total.

New grid controls

Showing totals on a footer

By right clicking on a column, a field can be selected to be totaled on the listpage:

Add totals on listpage

Evaluating math expressions

Simply enter a mathematical expression in a numeric field and Finance & Operations calculates the result for you:

Evaluating math expressions

Typing ahead of the system

When a listpage is in “Edit” mode you can enter data more rapidly on separate rows. The record is saved asynchronously. This means that the validation of the record is executed separately and you do not need to wait for a successful validation by the system before moving to the next record.

Typing ahead of the system

Pasting from excel

The usual export to excel feature is available for some time now. However pasting from Excel into F&O is also possible as of now! How cool is that! As long as the number of columns and number of rows equal in both Excel and the Finance and Operations view.

Paste data from Excel

All of above is available in preview mode waiting to be enabled in your Feature management workspace (Platform update 33 and later):

Feature Management