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4 August 2021
By: Tarro Kloppenburg

Choose the Microsoft ERP which is right for you

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Which ERP system is best for your company?

Microsoft is investing with increasing speed in many of their apps including the ERP solutions. The two available ERP’s, Business Central (BC) and Finance and Supply Chain Management (F&SCM), often receive updates including new functionalities and even new modules. A couple of years ago you might have needed F&SCM for your business, perhaps now BC will cover all your requirements.

Are you looking for a new ERP from Microsoft and do you want to know which one fits your business the best? Look no further, you have come to the right place.


The bigger you go

Within my 15 years of experience with Dynamics I have seen both ERP’s grow much in both functionality and the targeted market. We can say that BC is for small and medium sized companies (<200 users) and F&SCM for large companies (200+ users). For example, there are many places in F&SCM where transactions are queued and posted periodically via batch jobs. This allows the system to process many more transactions than when postings are done directly, which could slow the system down.


The right functionality

The number of users is not the only metric on which the decision should be made. BC contains many of the functionality’s F&SCM contains, but in a less extensive way. For example, both support international businesses including multi company functionality, intercompany transactions and have the support of different localizations, but F&SCM has more functionalities around this. F&SCM supports 30 locations (multiple also supported) and BC supports 20 localizations (one at the time). F&SCM has more options to release specific master data (e.g., products) to other legal entities than BC. Intercompany in F&SCM supports more functionalities compared to BC and is easier to setup.


Your industry counts

Next to the targeted user count and internationally focused functionalities the number of modules and extensiveness of the modules is a difference between F&SCM and BC. Modules like Retail only exist in F&SCM and even though Manufacturing, Warehouse management and Master planning are part of the BC solution, the modules contain less functionalities.


The more you add on

There is one thing which BC has and F&SCM doesn’t, which is the use of extensions. Extensions can be seen as add-ons which can be searched for and installed directly from BC. Yes, it is also possible to have add-ons on F&SCM but the ease of installation makes them for BC far more useable. A functionality is missing in BC? No problem, just search for the right extension and you are good to go!


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