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13 March 2024
By: Else Frijling

Breakfast Bites and Brainpower: Insights from the Power BI & Fabric Summit 2024

As I stepped into the office early in the morning, the smell of fresh croissants filled the air. Signaling the start of an exciting week. Our BI team gathered for the online Power BI & Fabric Summit 2024 (12th – 16th February 2024). A hearty breakfast with yoghurts, fruits, juices, croissants, and muffins gave us the brainpower for the days ahead. Energized and fueled, we dove into the summit sessions. Together we attended a total of 72 sessions, absorbing knowledge spanning across various areas of expertise.

The sessions on day one seemed to dwell on introductory topics. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that perhaps this summit wouldn’t meet our expectations. However, as the week unfolded, my perspective shifted as we engaged in more high-level sessions. We had discussions about the innovative features of Fabric, the game changing nature of OneLake, designing efficient (Medallion) architectures, mastering DataOps and CI/CD, exploring the possibilities of data science and AI-driven solutions, strategizing governance policies, and exploring advanced data storytelling techniques. I am inspired to rethink our approach to BI consultancy and excited to integrate freshly adopted best practices and innovative techniques into our BI consultancy workshops.

Amidst the wealth of information, what stood out was the team’s critical perspective and dedication to innovation. During breaks, we exchanged ideas and observations, setting the stage for the sharing of insights and recommendations that unfolded during our recap session on Friday afternoon. Each team member’s contribution added to a deeper understanding of how to enhance our work and capitalize on new opportunities. Building on our commitment for continuous improvement.

As I left the office at the end of the week slightly tired, I carried with me a new sense of determination to push the boundaries of our BI consultancy and a stronger connection to my team. More than just an occasion for learning, the Power BI & Fabric Summit 2024 reinforced the value of shared experiences and our commitment to growth and excellence.