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19 August 2019

Create AI Object Detection in PowerApps

Learn step by step how to build your own AI model in PowerApps

Detect images, identify objects and locate objects. The AI objects Detection is a convenient way to detect and identify objects. AI Objects Detection is one of the new features in the PowerApps platform, named AI Builder. And we are enthousiastic about it. One of the things that makes AI Builder really powerful is the fact that it is fast. It will cost you less than one hour to create. It is also an easy tool to use, just point and click, to tailor AI in your business. Furthermore, it supports and it completely integrates within Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Therefore making it easy to build your AI models. Finally, you can use the power of the data connectors that you already use and bringing data from external sources into the platform.

In below vlog we will be showing you step by step how you can build your own AI model with this new feature in PowerApps, the AI Object Detection model. The only thing required to be able to build your own AI model is a set of images of the objects that you wants to be detected. In our example we will be detecting four french playing cards.