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Information about Support after implementation

Every process of setting up and deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 starts with setting goals. These goals are a guide throughout the entire implementation process. But also afterwards, during the actual use of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you do not want to lose sight of these initial goals. That’s why for many customers, Dynamic People is asked to remain involved as a business partner.

We would like to offer you our services of high quality and efficiently and have therefore bundled them in our Service Plans

A Dynamic People Service Plan ensures that:

  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application runs technically without interruption and with good performance.
  • All the necessary maintenance is performed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.
  • The organization is optimally supported in the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Attention to achieve the initially set goals for Microsoft Dynamics 365 remains.

Our service plans

We offer four levels of the Dynamic People Service Plan.

Service plan 1 Preventive Maintenance / Cloud Update Services

The basic plan: The configured Dynamics 365 solution continues to work after the periodic Dynamics 365 cloud updates pushed by Microsoft.

Service plan 3 Adoption & Change management

We work proactively with key and end users to increase acceptance and user levels. Dynamic People uses the Prosci Change Mangementmethodology to streamline change processes.

Service plan 2 Incident Management & Support Coordination

Support from our support desk. We support incidents and support questions in accordance with predetermined response times.

Service plan 4: Inspiration & Innovation

The technology is changing rapidly, and this brings challenges within every company. Which new technology is already usable and which is not. Innovation itself is not powered by technology. In reality innovation is simply doing something different and more effective than you have done in the past. We periodically organize sessions with key users and other stakeholders to bring inspiration and innovation. We will explain, present and demonstrate the current and new possibilities of the Microsoft platform and in particular Dynamics 365.

Do you have good ideas?

Together we work them out