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Information about Process mining in Power BI

Discover deviations and make better use of resources

Improve performance and enhance process quality. Process mining can play an important role in realizing the promises made by contemporary management trends such as Lean Six Sigma. It is an excellent tool to remove waste and improve the quality of processes.

  • Discover deviations
  • Predict delays
  • Support decision making
  • Uncover potential fraud
  • Recommend process redesign
  • Save time
  • Improve performance

From order to cash, from procurement to pay and from lead to client: our BI specialists will transform event logs into powerful knowledge to enhance your business processes.

From data to knowledge

Multitudes of events are recorded by today’s information systems. Nevertheless, organizations have problems extracting value from this data. Process Mining is an analysis method that aims to discover, monitor and improve business processes by extracting knowledge from event logs.

Process mining builds on two pillars:

  1. process modeling and analysis
  2. data mining

The process data is visualized and analyzed to provide a fact-based basis for improvement. Event logs contain a wealth of information. From an organizational, case, or time perspective, data mining of event logs can get insights into typical work patterns, organizational structures and social networks. Especially with the visually rich insights powered by PAFnow’s custom visuals in Power BI, we can help your business achieve its goals.

Perfect your process

Originally, process mining is based on completed cases or finished processes. Today, however, we have the ability to include online decision support with real time data of live processes. It provides decision makers with the possibility to increase agility, take quick actions and minimize unnecessary costs. With the possibility of adding notifications to your online reports you can prevent bottlenecks from happening. Moreover, it is possible to predict the remaining flow time for a running case.


The application of PAFnow’s custom visuals and user-friendly AI based technologies in Power BI makes process mining faster and easier. We can help you understand your business processes in-depth with a tailor made report based on your needs. It simply makes your processes better.


Experience the abilities of Process Mining in Power BI.

Improve the quality

of you processes