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Marketing as a Service

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Information about Marketing as a Service

Marketing and technology are now more intertwined than ever, making it harder for your marketeers to make optimal use of the available tools. We help you out with Marketing as a Service. In addition to the implementation and technical support of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement integrated marketing solutions, such as Dynamics for Marketing, we also support you in the day-to-day planning and execution of your Marketing Campaigns and Activities.

This in addition to the technical support of our specialized consultants you are used to. Our Marketing Consultants have extensive experience and education in Marketing and are also knowledgeable about the technical possibilities of these integrated Marketing Modules.

This helps you to:

  • Use these tools more effectively.
  • Increase the execution capacity of your marketing team to act on a strategic level.
  • Supplement existing internal skills with external skills and expertise.
  • Increase your operational capacity.

Are you interested in what this means for your organization? Schedule an appointment and meet one of our Dynamics Marketing Consultants.

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