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Adoption & Change Management

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Information about adoption & Change Management


Minimalise restistance and generate result

The implementation of a new system is always accompanied with change. The natural reaction to change is resistance. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in Change Management and Adoption in addition to the implementation of Dynamics 365 itself to yield the highest return of the system possible.

The goal for change management is not to eliminate resistance, but rather to minimize the impact this resistance has on employees and the business.

Applying Change Management directly impacts:

    • Speed of adoption – how quickly the change is adopted into the organization and how well the project stays on schedule.
    • Ultimate utilization the overall level of participation and ultimate utilization of the new tools.
    • Proficiency how employees perform in the new environment.

    Dynamic People, like Microsoft, has adopted the Prosci® Change Management methodology. Several consultants are certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners, and this makes Dynamic People able to support and guide organizations in the Change Management process during the Project Implementation.

    How does it work?

    Change Management starts well before the implementation of Dynamics 365 and ends after the Go-Live of the system. Dynamic People helps organizations in creating a Change Management Strategy and the execution of this strategy. Deliverables within this strategy can include:

    • Communications Plan
    • Sponsor Roadmap
    • Coaching Plan
    • Resistance Management Plan
    • Training Plan

    About Prosci

    Foster competitive advantage with Prosci’s unique integration of individual and organizational change management models. Change isn’t created overnight and neither was this methodology. Prosci’s approach to change management is built on over 20 years of research with more than 3400 organizations. By uncovering common challenges companies face during change projects, Prosci has distilled a holistic solution to change that provides a suite of easy-to-use tools and templates.


    Change demands time

    but preferably as little as possible