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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations makes sure that you deliver every project on time, under budget and in the black. Project Operations lets you prioritize the sales options on a project basis and increases your scoring chance. Built-in intelligence for planning successful results enables you to predict the project profitability.

By optimizing the use of resources, you increase the productivity of your employees. And they perform better using the intuitive and collaborative tools. Project Operations is an innovative, adaptable platform that you can customize, expand and interface with the apps and services you are already using.

Deliver project on time and under budget

The automated project services in Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes sure that your organization completes all project-related tasks on time and under budget.

Visualized project planning

With Project Service Automation, you visualize your costs, staffing and revenues in advance to produce a reliable prediction of project completion, with powerful tools for the project planning along the way. Your project managers get access to intuitive dashboards for reviewing, monitoring and approving all costs and milestones that have an impact on their projects. You optimize the use of resources and streamline the project timeline. Intelligent and relevant allocation is based on skills, with real-time insight into resources through a central planning engine.

The advantages of Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

    • It enables you to predict project profitability.
    • It helps you optimally leverage your resources.
    • It increases billable hours.
    • Scoring chance and project profitability increase.
    • It increases collaboration and productivity.
    • Project monitoring with intuitive dashboards.
    • Customer satisfaction increases because deadlines keep being met.

    Interaction with customers on quotes and scope of project and resource demands goes through a secure portal. The contract process can be simplified by drafting project contracts, tracking labour fees and generating work logs directly within Dynamics 365 Sales.

    Flexibility and collaboration

    Increase the flexibility of your project organization and promote collaboration with project teams via audio, video and document management through integration with Office 365. Respond fast to changes in the scope and project risks by managing KPIs to guarantee a profitable service process.

    Because everything is linked, your time and expenses management is dramatically simplified. Thanks to system alerts, you’ll never miss a thing again. You’ll be able to submit, approve, process and coordinate hours and expenses any time and anywhere, and you’ll be sure that the customer is being invoiced as fast as possible.

    Is Dynamics 365 Project

    Operations for you?

    Do you want to streamline the planning of your projects and steer for success? Project Operations ensures that you are getting the most out of your resources and gives your people the tools to perform at their best. That’s how you maximize project profitability.