Component Modeling

Discover limetless possibilities with CMF. Empower your projects, streamline processes, and unleash the full potential of your product development. Elevate your workflow and transform your ideas into reality with our cutting-edge Component Modelling Framework.


Use AI to the fullest.

Because of our text-based solution, AI is easier than ever to implement for all your business solutions. This low code framework allows for native customizations, enabling personalized functionality and data visualization.


Grow with CMF

Expand your capabilities and reach new heights thanks to an expandable architecture that grows with your enterprise – without the complexity.


Keep it easy and organized.

Seamlessly maintain and update across all your applications with built-in version control, source control management, and lifecycle management. Any changes made to a component or application are automatically propagated to every instance where it’s utilized. This ensures consistency, reduces the risk of errors, and streamlines the overall management process.


Work flexibly and efficiently.

Work with a platform that enables everything you need, usable on any web-based system. We can integrate all your preferences. The best part? You can continue working without ever having to switch systems.



Plug in and simplify processes.

Improve your workflows with our comprehensive integration with Dataverse and Microsoft Dynamics, giving you full insights and control over your CPQ processes, document management, customer communications and your data.

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Discover the
CMF toolbox!

CMF operates on the principle of simplicity and adaptability, likened to a Lego construction set for enterprise solutions. It provides the essential building blocks. With CMF, you have a suite of pre-assembled blocks that make up our product templates. Let’s introduce you to a few of our favorites.



For streamlined processes

Our integration with Dataverse puts you in full control. Manage your CPQ processes, customize your documents, and oversee communications – all within your Dynamics Microsoft environment. This synergy ensures that your business workflows remain in sync with your preferences, fostering a truly empowered user experience.


Data configurator

Where complex data seamlessly transforms into user-friendly simplicity.

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets with their long calculations and potential risks. Easily streamline your workflow processes within your existing applications, leveraging portals to boost customer engagement and automatically generate deliverables like PDF files, all while maintaining complete control and ease of management. Whether it’s shaping data structures or designingg user experiences, CMF’s Data Configurator provides unmatched flexibility and precision, empowering your business for enhanced productivity and growth.


Create dynamic surveys, ideal for field service checks.

CMF Smartforms herald a new era in data capture and analysis. These intelligent forms offer full customization and accessibility. Effortlessly tailor surveys to your specific needs, ensuring round-the-clock availability for crucial field service checks. You’re not just collecting data; you’re collecting insights. Leverage the power of intuitive forms to gather valuable information, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


1. Configure

We’ll assess how CMF can support your organization and customize the framework configuration to fit your needs.

2. Integrate

We assist with the proper integration of CMF within the organization.

3. Customize

Gradually adjust the building blocks yourself to meet your organization’s specific needs.

4. Support

No functional administrator within the organization? We provide support for system management and updates.

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the CMF Framework

Became interested in CMF and curious about all the technical functionalities? Download our product sheet and uncover the technical architecture, advanced functionalities and customization potential that empower developers to craft unparalleled solutions with precision and efficiency.

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