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COIN chooses Dynamic People because their knowledge of linking

COIN offers a complete package of fall-back services and facilities in the field of office, telephony and IT, for companies that want to guarantee business continuity in the event of a calamity. COIN ensures that customers who are unexpectedly affected by a calamity can continue working almost immediately.

“We work here with Twinfield and that is sufficient for the financial side, but we really needed a CRM system,” says Remco Verkoeijen, Consultant and Operations Manager at COIN. “Our sales organization in particular, because we neede to gain more control over the lead-to-order process by being able to record contact moments such as appointments, email and telephone calls in one integrated system. After exploring the market, we ended up with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Finding the implementation partner turned out to be a lot more difficult. ”

“Linking Dynamics with Twinfield and SQL database requires specialist knowledge”

At the time, COIN issued an RFP and many parties responded. “But we had no confidence in it, because none of them were familiar with realizing links with Twinfield and our SQL database. We use this database for the registration and roll-out of fallback workstations within the SLAs and all of this must communicate with each other. Eventually, after a search via Google, Dynamic People came into the picture and that
felt right, right away. Good people who understand what we want. After that, everything gained momentum. We signed the agreement and shortly afterwards we started the project. ” First of all, the CRM was set up and then the links were established – with the Dynamic Scheduler – to synchronize the customer information with Twinfield.

“The Dynamic Scheduler is used to regulate the data”

Remco Verkoeijen: “You notice that there is a lot of knowledge within Dynamic People. They are real professionals, pure specialists who do not simply say yes and amen. I am very satisfied with their way of working and with what they have achieved here. Since we have been alive, we have been taking full advantage of the new environment and now it is only a matter of fine-tuning. ”