Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Unlock the full potential of your business with advanced AI solutions.

In an ever-changing market where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accessible to all companies, staying ahead requires anticipation and innovation. DynamicPeople not only shows you how AI can be a powerful tool for your business operations but also ensures that AI genuinely advances your company and its people.

Bringing AI’s Potential to Life
in Your Business World.

The advantages of AI within your organization

Artificial Intelligence provides access to a wide range of possibilities and rapidly enhances competitive strength. We are eager to explore with you how to fully utilize your organization’s potential.
  • Informed decision-making
    Well-founded business decisions through rapid analyses of large volumes of data, recognizing trends and insights, combined with predictions and forecasts based on historical data.
  • Process optimization & efficiency
    Increased efficiency and productivity by automating time-consuming routine tasks, providing more space for complex and strategic activities.
  • Customer-centric personalization
    Enhanced customer satisfaction and sales opportunities by personalizing customer interactions and experiences.
  • Predictive analysis & risk management
    Effective identification and management of both financial and operational risks, using advanced analysis methods.
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We deliver something
Technology promises.

Technology offers opportunities, people make them happen

We believe in the power of technology ánd people. That’s why we combine AI possibilities with human insights. Our goal is to help people to exceed themselves and organizations to excel with user-friendly AI solutions. We take your business as a starting point and ensure that technology strengthens your business operations. Curious what we can do for you?

Added value for every business department

From HR to warehousing: AI can provide added value in every business department. Many tasks are already available within traditional application logic. Only when integrated with AI, they become significantly faster, more efficient, and autonomous.


  • Integrated chatbot for inquiries about the employment manual, leave requests, sick reports, etc. (e.g., using Power Virtual Agent)
  • Generation of employment contracts based on templates


  • Processing of incoming invoices and creation of outgoing invoices in various formats
  • Expense claim applications
  • Automated bank processing
  • ‘Know Your Customer’ processes


  • Automated processing of orders via email (trade capture)
  • Generation of quotes and presentations


  • Automatic assessment of purchase requests based on set criteria
  • Automated vendor invoice processing


  • Suggestions for selecting the best batch
  • Route optimization for order pickers
  • Ability to automatically process mixed returns

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? And more importantly: “How can I implement it in my business?” These are common questions from clients. Artificial Intelligence distinguishes itself from other technologies by its ability to learn from unstructured data and independently formulate follow-up actions. Recently, it has undergone significant development, making it now available to all companies. This progress allows us to work faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. But how does the technology behind it work?

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