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Stay on top of all your trading risk processes, directly in your front desk!

CRM4Commodities uses the powerful Microsoft CRM features to manage business critical trading processes. CRM4commodities is used to capture and manage the lead to sales process, non-financial processes, external portal and managing of master data. CRM4commodity can fully be used as a standalone application or integrated to one or many ERP systems.

How does CRM4Commodities help your trading business?

  • Transparent: Making the best business decisions requires full transparency of data. Using below features will help to visualize your data and provide you the ability to make these decisions.
  • Efficient: Quick entry and up-to-date data is the difference between success and failure. Use below features to provide your decision makers with all the relevant data, at the moment they need it.
  • Risk Reducing: Every process in the organization can easily become a risk when not monitored closely. These built-in features help managing risks.
  • Lean: A rapid response to changing situations requires a lean IT environment. Use below features to be lean and let your organization and third parties benefit.

Why do you need CRM4Commodities?

  • Be compliant and Know Your Customers (KYC)
  • Audit your sales process, like phone calls, chats, deals, etc.
  • Manage accounts per trader
  • Actuals vs budget insights per deals and calculation code
  • Match actual invoices with budgets
  • Track your sample request
  • Check VAT ruling for your sales invoices
  • 360° view from your counterparties

What can you expect from us?

Fast implementation because of the standard Commodities building blocks. Go live after one month.

Check out the trading features below and request for a demo.

CRM commodity modules

Sales quote

  • The sales quote enables traders to register Quotes and directly view all expected cost components incl. a margin estimation
  • Personalized workflows, social activity and interactive dashboards will enable your team to stay right on top

Visiting reports

  • The trader should register a visit report after each customer visit;
  • A notification to that effect is sent by e-mail;
  • A visit report includes mandatory fields and dropdowns allowing proper reporting at a later stage.

Counter party index

  • Minimize trading risk by indexing all your counterparties and set-up internal and external credit limits before doing business.

Sample request

  • Process application: register sample application details (product, size of batch, origin, supplier, address)
  • Work flow for approving sample request, preparing for forwarding, follow-up, reminding, logging, track & trace information (tracking URL, shipper, tracking code)


  • Provide thrid party warehouses portal access for discharging transports , your ERP can be updated via an interface instantly.

Data from external systems

  • CRM4commodities can act as a master data system where all data is validated before it is synchronised to the underlining ERP systems. I.e. Account, contacts, products.
  • From Different ERP systems data can be synchronised back to CRM, from where advanced reporting is possible. I.e. outstanding amount per customers, or groups, transport data, contract data.