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ClickDimensions Marketing Automation

ClickDimensions Marketing Automation voor Microsoft Dynamics CRM stelt marketeers in staat leads te kwalificeren en daarnaast de mogelijkheid om de beste leads en kansen te prioriteren.


ClickDimensions bevat:

ClickDimensions maakt het voor organisaties mogelijk om te ontdekken wie geïnteresseerd is in hun producten, hun niveau van belang te kwantificeren en de juiste maatregelen te treffen.

ClickDimensions is een 100% Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applicatie gebouwd op het Microsoft Windows Azure-platform en kan worden geïntegreerd via een add-on in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions maakt het mogelijk voor organisaties hun prospects te volgen van “klik” naar het afsluiten van een deal.

Functionaliteiten overzicht Click Dimensions

Email Marketing

  • Full featured editor
  • Send to marketing list from Microsoft Outlook (or any email client)
  • Make links in emails from Microsoft Outlook (or any email client) trackable
  • Out of the box email templates
  • Inbox Preview
  • Text version of emails
  • Single and group sends
  • Layout Manager (create base email branding to make template/email creation easier)
  • Image gallery (provides absolute URLs to image files)
  • Send to mixed recipients (e.g. send to a combination of Leads, Contacts, Lists, etc.)
  • Send from workflow
  • Easy personalization (point and click) of HTML and text email versions
  • Dynamic Content (advanced dynamic rendering engine)
  • Statistics at individual (recipient) and aggregate (email send) level
  • Visual statistics page (multiple charts/graphs)
  • Real time Email Events to CRM (opens, clicks, bounces, etc.)
  • Optionally link Email Sends to CRM Campaigns
  • Send email from template or build ´on the fly´
  • Modify template before sending email
  • Include attachments (delivered as links to improve deliverability)
  • Emails scored (by click, you set the default value per click)
  • Custom merge fields
  • Personalized sending (from individual CRM record owners in bulk)

Email Deliverability

  • Spam Scoring
  • HTML validation
  • Email unsubscribe management
  • Respect Do not Allow Email/Bulk Email fields
  • Vanity URLs (links in your emails have your domain – not ours)
  • Sender Authentication (SPF, Sender ID, DK/DKIM)
  • Reputation Monitoring by ReturnPath
  • Feedback Loop Processing
  • Service Protection/Unsubscribe Management (unsubscribe entity)
  • Dedicated IP addresses available for high volume (extra cost)

Permissions and Privacy

  • First party tracking only (3 – 5% cookie deletion rate vs. 20 – 25% for 3rd party cookies)
  • No data sharing with 3rd parties
  • No Adobe Flash tracking (no violation of Adobe Terms of Service, Visitor Right to Privacy,
  • USA FTC guidelines or EU/UK e-Privacy directive)
  • Privacy policy template (allows customer to update their web site privacy policy). Click here to review
  • Privacy paper for customer education. Click here to access


  • ClickDimensions is a secure solution. Our hosted pages (dashboard, email editor, etc.) authenticate against your Microsoft CRM server so no security holes are opened into your CRM (user enters their normal CRM email address and password)

Web Tracking

  • Web tracking Dashboard with visitor overview, recently active Leads, etc.
  • IP Organization records (groups all identified and anonymous visitor data
  • Anonymous Visitor records (with page, visit and visitor score)
  • Profile page for Leads/Contacts (summarizes all email, social, scoring and tracking data)
  • Visit records
  • Page View records
  • Traffic filtering
  • Domain specified on web tracking data
  • Bounce/first visit tracking
  • Page view and visit duration
  • Referring site and site type (e.g. search, social, direct, email, etc.)
  • Search keywords provided
  • Referring URL and full query string
  • Ad tracking
  • Social tracking
  • Sub Domain Tracking

Lead / Contact Scoring

  • Page view scoring
  • Visit scoring
  • Email link click Scoring
  • Anonymous Visitor Scoring
  • Lead Scoring
  • Contact Scoring
  • Opportunity Scoring
  • Default scoring values (organization defined)
  • Custom scoring values per page (positive and negative)

Social Discovery

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Various other social sources

Campaign Tracking

  • Link Web Forms to CRM campaigns
  • Link Page Views to CRM campaigns
  • Link Email Sends to CRM campaigns
  • Link landing pages and micro-sites to CRM campaigns

Form Capture

  • Drag and drop form builder allows marketers to generate forms without coding
  • Auto-generated iFrame for embedding ClickDimensions hosted forms in web pages
  • Real-time web form data into CRM
  • De-Duplication (form submissions never create duplicate records)
  • Email appending (adds additional emails to CRM record when discovered)
  • Email auto-responder for any form (links any email template and sends to submitter)
  • 3 step integration with existing site forms
  • Posted form entity (allows for workflow to run when form is posted)
  • Link forms to CRM campaigns
  • Auto-generated form actions for existing form integration
  • Hosted Forms


  • Drag and drop survey builder allows marketers to generate surveys without coding
  • Send surveys via email
  • Posted Survey records created with Posted Survey Responses
  • Workflow may be run based on survey responses and /or completion of survey
  • Editable header and footer region of survey
  • Surveys may be linked to Service Cases
  • Surveys may be completed by Leads, Contacts or Anonymous Visitors

Subscription Lists

  • Email recipients may unsubscribe from specific subscription lists instead of unsubscribing from all mailings by default
  • Unsubscribe web page lists all public subscription lists so the recipient may choose from which Subscription Lists to be unsubscribed
  • Subscription lists are created and linked to corresponding Lead, Contact and Account Marketing Lists in CRM
  • When someone has unsubscribed from a Subscription Lists mailings will automatically be disallowed to its corresponding CRM Marketing Lists

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