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CRM4Commodities uses the powerful Microsoft CRM features to manage business critical trading processes. CRM4commodities is used to capture and manage the lead to sales process, non-financial processes, external portal and managing of master data. CRM4commodity can fully be used as a standalone application or integrated to one or many ERP systems.

Check out the trading features below and request for a demo.

CRM commodity modules

Sales quote

  • The sales quote enables traders to register Quotes and directly view all expected cost components incl. a margin estimation
  • Personalized workflows, social activity and interactive dashboards will enable your team to stay right on top

Visiting reports

  • The trader should register a visit report after each customer visit;
  • A notification to that effect is sent by e-mail;
  • A visit report includes mandatory fields and dropdowns allowing proper reporting at a later stage.

Counter party index

  • Minimize trading risk by indexing all your counterparties and set-up internal and external credit limits before doing business.

Sample request

  • Process application: register sample application details (product, size of batch, origin, supplier, address)
  • Work flow for approving sample request, preparing for forwarding, follow-up, reminding, logging, track & trace information (tracking URL, shipper, tracking code)


  • Provide thrid party warehouses portal access for discharging transports , your ERP can be updated via an interface instantly.

Data from external systems

  • CRM4commodities can act as a master data system where all data is validated before it is synchronised to the underlining ERP systems. I.e. Account, contacts, products.
  • From Different ERP systems data can be synchronised back to CRM, from where advanced reporting is possible. I.e. outstanding amount per customers, or groups, transport data, contract data.